All Organic.  All Plant-Based.  All Gluten Friendly.  All Delicious!

Please send your resume, references, and a copy of your SIR certificate to, as well as filling out this questionnaire.

We appreciate all applications and respond to candidates that best fit the team.

Thank you for your interest in working at Café by Tao. We are currently hiring for the following position:

a) Assistant Manger, Full-Time

Our café offers raw vegan products that are truly plant based as the nuts and seeds that we use are soaked and sprouted. More and more people are adopting this healthful and regenerative diet. We are looking for employees who follow this life style and who are passionate about providing plant based cuisine to the general public.

The assistant manager is responsible for the supervision of daily operations in order to assure that procedures are followed in respect to cleanliness during the preparation of ingredients and menu items, as well as the control of stock. They will support the manager with staff scheduling and with the supervision of personnel. They will train personnel in the assembly and presentation of raw cuisine dishes, greeting and serving customers at the till, and with all other tasks and responsibilities outside of production. They will ensure that procedures ensuring cleanliness and the security of the café are followed. They will possess excellent aptitudes in quality customer service.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Manages between 2 to 4 employees. Assigns, supervises, and evaluates tasks.

  2. Supervises the preparation of ingredients and menu items in order to ensure that the guidelines for presentation, cleanliness and operational norms are respected.

  3. Completes administrative tasks and helps with the ordering and maintenance of inventory.

  4. Contributes to the planning of special events and promotions.

Required Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience: Experience at the level of preparation of menu items and of presentation will be acquired during the training period due to the techniques of this cuisine being unique to our café. Excellent aptitudes in communication and the capacity to work with employees at all levels is required, as well as a good understanding of technology (POS, Microsoft Office Suite). Must hold their SIR certificate.

Physical Aptitudes: Must be capable of working as needed in any part of the café and be comfortable with using the POS. Must be capable of bending, kneeling, standing and walking throughout the workday. Must be capable of regularly lifting weights of 10 kg (20 lbs) and up to 20 kg (45 lbs) on occasion.

Based on relevant skills and experience.

Potential employees should have the following work habits:

  • Willingness to learn and participate. Demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning and an enthusiasm towards work.
  • Responsible and reliable. Demonstrates a serious attitude and completes tasks on time.
  • Industrious. Works hard on assigned tasks, shows energy and persistence to get the job done.
  • Initiative. Offers to do extra work and learn new tasks, works well without supervision.
  • Personal ethics and respect for others. Is honest, sensitive, and considerate.
  • Teamwork. Is cooperative, works well with others and shares the workload.
  • Flexibility/adaptability. Is willing to try a new approach and accept constructive criticism.
  • Accuracy. Is serious about ensuring that work is done correctly.

Benefits of working at Tao:

- 20% employee discount on all items in the cafe, including menu items and grocery items

- staff meal allocation based on hours worked in a shift

- access to wholesale prices on produce and dry goods

- be part of a small, dynamic team

- have a fixed schedule that allows you to plan your other activities